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An Introduction to WebSockets

In this article we take a look at WebSockets and how they have transformed the web, allowing for bi-directional realtime communication between server and client. The Early Days of the Realtime Web Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve probably heard of HTTP, right? Initially, the web was centred around the concept of a HTTP request. […]

New Features Coming in PHP 8.1

PHP 8.1 is the next version of PHP, currently in development and scheduled to be released later in 2021, with the current release date set as November 25. Building upon a host of improvements that made it into PHP 8, PHP 8.1 will add some nifty new features, as well as generally non-breaking changes to […]

Getting Started with Laravel Sail

Laravel Sail is a lightweight command-line interface (CLI) that makes getting up and running with Laravel easy. Based around Docker, Laravel Sail provides useful commands to start, stop, and ‘SSH-in’ to a virtual, isolated development environment, consisting of containers. With Sail, PHP, Node, MySQL and Redis do not have to be installed locally on your […]