Realtime API service for web apps

PushRadar is a realtime publish-subscribe API service. Send 4 million messages per day on our Startup plan.
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How it Works

You broadcast data

Broadcast data using one of our server libraries or by making an API request.
$radar->broadcast('channel-1', ...)

PushRadar routes data

PushRadar receives data and sends it on to the right clients.

Clients receive data

Clients subscribe to channels using JavaScript and receive data in realtime.'channel-1', ...)
$radar->broadcast('channel-1', ...)'channel-1', ...)

Realtime API Service

PushRadar includes a host of features to make integrating realtime functionality into your website or web app easy.

Powerful realtime API

PushRadar's API allows you to broadcast data effortlessly. Send 4m messages on our Startup plan.

Easy to integrate

We have produced server libraries for PHP, Node.js, Ruby, .NET and Python. cURL is also supported.

Scalable to 100k+ users

Start small and scale up to over 100,000 connections on-demand. Never worry about scaling again.

Low latency globally

PushRadar delivers messages in milliseconds no matter where your users are located in the world.

Security-first approach

We use industry-standard 256-bit SSL and enforce secure protocols for all incoming connections.

Dedicated support

We normally respond to all support queries within 48hrs (24hrs for Premium). Contact us anytime.

Go realtime with PushRadar

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